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                                                            Main Stick

                                           Weight:   ~ 6 oz.
Length:    24 inches (~32 inches with tassels)       
                                   Tassels:    24 corner-stripped tassels per stick end
                                               Varying interior and exterior colors
                                               3 tape layers at tassels' ends
      Tape:    Center divider 3 layers alternating between 2 colors
uter most tape layer and center divider is white



         Weight:       2 oz. 
Length:       18 inches
   Handle consists of three different color layers
                 Colors vary between handheld, trim, and tip
Skill Level Rating: 
Beginner who likes a challenge or any fast learner.
                                                           Those who can appreciate a little extra flare and speed in their devil sticking
                                                           Experienced to Very Experienced stick players

So you began with the Signature Design sticks.  Before long, you've progressed beyond novice and have learned a couple tricks.  Your friends are becoming more and more impressed with your sticking ability and the opposite sex is paying more attention to you.  People gather around you whenever you use your sticks, asking all sorts of questions about them and your personal style.  Your confidence in your sticking, as well as in yourself is growing everyday. 

You decide itís time to take your skills to the next level    

The Signature Select Model adds many new dimensions to the juggling sticks experience.  First and most obviously, they look so much cooler!  This stripped tassel design is exclusive to our sticks and not comparable to anything else out on the market today.  A customer favorite, the corner-stripping makes the main stick more aerodynamic for less wind resistance.  In addition, the overall stick weight is reduced. 



Often called the feather-lights by our production team, stick play with this model is quite impressive.  Overall, buying these sticks means faster spins and farther, faster, higher and astoundingly more impressive throws, kicks, jumps and tricks. 

As you keep reading, and your interest increases, you find your enthusiasm sky-rocketing.  Itís as if you could just stop, and think back to the first time you picked up your devil sticks, feeling that eagerness to just use them
                                                                      and face the challenge the sticks offer.  Maybe you can then remember days,
                                                                              weeks, months or even years later, looking back at the sticks you bought,
                                                                                  knowing it was all worth it every time that sense of accomplishment
                                                                                   accompanies each trick mastered.  Remembering that, maybe a smile
                                                                                               creeps across your face just about the time you realize these
                                                                                                feelings can be relived with the Signature Select Sticks!


Kick higher, spin faster, throw farther, and realize the infinite number of trick possibilities this design offers that no other sticks can. 
                                   They look great, feel great, and they 're
  What makes our devil sticks the best:
  Our Special Clear-Coat Finish ensures sticks can withstand all weather conditions, much more durability and will keep those sticks looking like new forever!


Master Stick Flexibility provides more bounce, allows for better tricks, a truly adds a whole new element to the sticking experience that you have to feel to believe! 


Full Customization will give you the chance to make a pair of sticks unlike any others out there!  We make exactly what you want, with your colors and your designs. 


  A Personal touch through both our customization options and hand-crafted designs.
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