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                                                            Main Stick

                                           Weight:   7 oz.
Length:    24 inches (~32 inches with tassels)       
                                   Tassels:    24 total tassels per stick end
                                               Varying interior and exterior colors
                                               3 tape layers at tassels' ends
      Tape:    Center divider 3 layers alternating between 2 colors
uter most tape layer and center divider is white





       Weight:       2 oz. 
Length:       18 inches
   Handle consists of three different color layers
                 Colors vary between handheld, trim, and tip

Skill Level Rating:  Perfect for any level of devil sticking experience. 


You're looking at the sticks that started it all nearly ten years ago when the
company was founded.  In fact, the color combination pictured above was the
first of this design to ever be made.  The founders knew what they were doing too.
This black/gray/red design his our best selling combo, and has been for years.

The Signature Sticks feature a perfectly balanced, wonderfully flourished design.  With the vast array of color combinations the plethora of tassel options provide and the very tastefully trimmed handles one can't help but admire these sticks' appearance. 

They play very comfortably "not too heavy, not too light" as one of our repeat customers says.  The speed of the stick play this model provides also falls between the two extremes.  Whereas the Signature Select and Premium Design models feature corner-stripped tassels and different weight schemes, this model has the standard speed one would expect from a mid-weight stick. 

General Information

  What makes our devil sticks the best:
  Our Special Clear-Coat Finish ensures sticks can withstand all weather conditions, much more durability and will keep those sticks looking like new forever!


Master Stick Flexibility provides more bounce, allows for better tricks, a truly adds a whole new element to the sticking experience that you have to feel to believe! 


Full Customization will give you the chance to make a pair of sticks unlike any others out there!  We make exactly what you want, with your colors and your designs. 


  A Personal touch through both our customization options and hand-crafted designs.
Check out our Stick Specs Page for additional details.

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