A pair of juggling sticks is comprised of a main stick (roughly 20-30 inches long) and two handles (usually 15-20 inches long).  The main stick is hit back and forth between the two handles in a tossing motion.  Tricks are performed by twirling the main stick around the handles, using the handles to strike the main stick into twists and twirls, etc.  There are a plethora of tricks, from bouncing the sticks off various parts of one's body, to tossing a number of main sticks around a group of people .   Though it may be fairly simple to become proficient, the art of sticking is very hard to perfect.


Devil Sticks vs. Flower Sticks - What our site is selling.

The defining difference between devil sticks and flower sticks is that flower sticks have tassels on the ends of the main stick.  Our sticks do have tassels; however, we chose to call them devil sticks for a number of reasons. 

Flower sticks usually move at a relatively slow speed, and are very light.  Our sticks are slightly heavier and thus spin at faster speeds. 

Flower sticks are usually very “sticky” in the sense that the handles and main stick have more of a “grip”.  Our newest design: The Zebra Sticks do have more of a conventional flower stick feel to them, with a stickier contact feel between them.  They also are a little bit lighter than other models, providing a slightly slower spinning speed.

Unlike most designs of devil sticks consist of a main stick that is bevels from the inside out (thinner middle, with diameter increasing towards the ends).  Our main sticks have a single diameter throughout, but are wrapped in a rubber-based tape giving them a slightly grooved surface.  Most devil sticks are simply bare handles against bare main sticks.

So, do they stick more like Devil Sticks, or Flower Sticks? 

Our sticks are slightly different from any devil or flower sticks on the market today.  We decided to call them devil sticks because juggling sticks themselves are more often referred to as devil sticks even when they may technically be flower sticks.

Whether you are used to devil sticks or prefer flower sticks, we invite you to give our sticks a try.  Many of our customers have switched to our sticks after using either of the more traditional models simply because they preferred using them to either of the alternatives.  They truly are a different experience.  If you are the type of person who is used to more traditional designs, you might find yourself very pleasantly surprised to try our truly original designs.  If you are the adventurous type by nature, always looking to try the newest thing out there, willing to explore new directions and possibilities, then these are the sticks for you. 


Full Tricks Page with specific tricks movie clips set to music and with slow-motion playback

Getting Started with your Sticks - an instructions page for the beginner and intermediate juggling sticks user

Customer Clips - A section where you, our loyal customers will be able to submit video clips of yourself using our sticks.  Show off, or just goof off and have some fun; there will be a huge variety of clips in this section.