Below we've listed just some of the feedback we have most recently received from our customers. 
We believe our devil sticks to be the absolute best in the industry and we're not the only ones!
*feedback has not been altered in any way and is listed exactly how we received it*
We have highlighted some of the more important parts for your convenience)

You make some pretty hefty claims that your sticks are the best out there.  Iím a skeptic of the highest degree so I had to prove you wrong.  But darn it!  I hate being wrong! 
They are superb quality and indeed the best Iíve ever seen and used.
-A True Believer

My name is John Wilson I ordered your new generation of sticks called the Zebra sticks. I just wanted to take the time like you asked and provide you with feedback on this item... When I first ordered the item I was a little nervous I didn't know what to expect. I thought it was going to be like the pairs I got in the stores that fall apart at the ends or the sticks are to flimsy. This stick was or is nothing like I thought. The quality of the sticks are great they are a nice weight not to light or to heavy that they are hard to spin or flip.. The colors of the ones I got go great with my Jesters Costume I am very happy that you guys offer so many colors to go with to...The tape that you guys put on the Sticks is pretty cool... The grip that the tape has is excellent for me its taking a little to get use to because it grips a little more than I am use to having but great for those people that are just starting out... I just wanted to say thank you guys for making a great site and also great sticks I think I found my new home with buying Devil Sticks.... Thank you once again for the new Sticks they are the best I ever had.
  -Your New and Happy Customer,
John Wilson,
AKA Jester

You donít know how long Iíve been looking for a pair of sticks with durability like yours.  I put my sticks through hell using them for hours and hours at a time and almost every pair Iíve ever tried couldnít take the amount of flower sticking I do.  Iíve had some signature select sticks for months now and they are holding up great.  Thank you for the sticks and they are well worth the money.
                                                                                                                            Newark, DE

Itís been a while since my son received his new devil sticks. When I first got them for him, I thought, ďa lot of money for something we probably could have walked out and gotten from the woods for free.Ē

He is 14 years old, a freshman in high school. This year he got involved with a cirque program at his school. This year he also performed on stage with his devil sticks. I couldnít believe how good he had gotten and how confident he looked on stage. He and a friend practice almost non-stop. They can toss them back and forth to each other and have come up with numerous other little ďtricks.Ē  And he hasnít even broken any lamps or anything in the house! (My original fear when they arrived in the mail.)

Itís nice to see him doing something that doesnít require a joystick!
                                                                                                                         -Barbara W.
                                                                                                                          Clayton, GA

I really donít know what to say about your product--It is wonderful.  I have been looking for a nice set to use in my performances (on the street during the summer) and these seem to be perfect.  The weight is just a tad heavier than my last pair, but I like it. 
All I really have to say is whatever you are doing, keep doing it.
                                                                                                                Much appreciation,
                                                                                                                         -Ziv N.

As far as sticking goes, yeah I've been doing it for years... started back in high school with what I now realize was a really crummy set (very light, cheap construction), but still managed to develop a decent degree of skill with them.  But there's only so far you can go with a crummy set (mostly in regard to grip), I realize that after using the sticks you guys made.

Hi guys,

I recently purchased two pairs of your Devil Sticks a zebra set and a basic set.  I've been sticking for a couple years with a set from the discovery store or somewhere like that.  Those needed replacing and yours seemed to be top notch.

I've put a bit of time in on each set.  I've found them both to have great construction.  The basic set is quite light and I think it will be great for teaching others to stick.  The zebra set is really interesting.  The stick is much lighter than I'm used to and a bit longer.  However, it works much better than my old set.  The hand sticks are much lighter than my old set as well.  This applies to the zebra and the basic set as well.  I found that to be pleasant after I got used to it.  It allows for longer sessions.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the purchase.  I expect that I'll order from you again once I get better and feel the need for one of the higher end sets.
                                                                                                                     -Aaron Balogh

I had been waiting to respond to this so I could get a feel for how I really feel about the sticks.  Overall I really like them a lot and love the personalization aspect.  However, I am used to working with a much smaller set, which I was unaware of how awkward that transition could be to a much larger set and feel, since you personalize your sticks, that you should offer sizing options on those sticks, as that would really affect any future purchases.  Another point that I find quite annoying is the lack of a head at the tassels, where you tier the tape in such a way that it is virtually impossible to catch it with the hand stick unless from a standstill, and there are many tricks that require this ability.  (ALL OF OUR STICKS ARE NOW MADE WITH  THESE TASSELS: Details HERE)  But again, they are quite good sticks.
                                                                                                                    -Joe Yatsky 


Iíve used devil and flower sticks all my life.  What you say in your information section is totally correct Ė they are a hybrid of the two, kinda a mix.  I love it!  Regular devil sticks (with the tapered ends) are so much heavier and really require a completely different method of sticking.  When learning them I was very frustrated, but stuck through it.  After becoming proficient with them I found myself going back to other designs such as yours.  I ordered a pair of customized (AWESOME Option) Premium Design sticks and LOVE them.  The rubber handles are incredible; I always hated how sweaty my hands got after sticking for long periods of time.  I have a bunch of friends who use devil sticks as well and have converted them all to yours.  And it didnít take much convincing after they tried mine!
Having a blast, and youíve gained a repeat customer for life,
                                                                                                                    -Dan J.
                                                                                                                     Morristown, NJ

Thanks for the prompt shipping of my order.  I will not hesitate to use you again and will tell my friends about you.
                                                                                                        Thanks again,
                                                                                                                    -Joyce N.

Hi, I am Katelyn Croucher and I just got your product, a set of Devil Sticks .They are so much fun. I also have two brothers who would love to have devil sticks. Have a nice day and thank you for shipping this fun product.  
                                                                                                                    -Katelyn Croucher

[In response to shipping a pair of sticks just in time for the holidays before receiving the payment in the mail]
Thank you so much for sending the sticks out to me based on faith.  My friend will be very happy and surprised for this gift.  Thanks for helping me make him smile and get them in time for the holidays!
                                                                                                                   -Dawn A.
                                                                                                                    Fairview Heights, IL

Amazed how fast they got here and more amazed with the sticks.
                                                                                                                    Raleigh, NC 

I recently ordered 2 sets of your Devil Sticks and I would like to compliment you on both the web site, which is very easy to navigate and is a nice looking site, and on the speed in which the order was processed.  I ordered them for birthday gifts but never really thought they would make it in time. I am happy to say they did; within the week they were ordered, they arrived. The boys love them. I am so much happier to see them trying new things with the Devil sticks than to see them sitting in front of a video game. They don't seem to realize how much time goes by that they are working with the sticks.  I would definitely consider ordering more sets for upcoming birthdays; however....I would like to see a sample of some "girly" looking sticks.
Thank you for your prompt service.
                                                                                                                   -Karen Sheahan


Hi.  I just received the sticks I ordered last weekend, and I'd like to give some feedback.

First, I was very pleased with how quickly I received the sticks.  I had anticipated waiting a few more days and was delighted they came so fast.

Second, my daughter loves them!  Her first exposure to devil sticks was at a SolarFest event in Vermont just last weekend.  A performer had several sets there and she fell in love.  We ordered the sticks within 24 hours of our return home - I purchased the kind your site noted were good for beginners.  My daughter has found them easy to use and they are definitely helping with the skills she started to learn next weekend.

The stick workmanship is lovely.  The sticks are nicely balanced and feel good in the hand.  In this age of video games and DVDs, I think your devil sticks are more than worth the money.

I think your site is nicely laid out.  I couldn't believe how many color choices you have!  Took a while longer to order the sticks while my daughter revisited several of her favorite options, but it's nice to know she could get what she wanted, rather than settling.  I was also impressed that we could have ordered custom sticks.  Who knows  - once my daughter is more adept, another pair may be in her future.

I guess the only other thing I have to add is that a family friend visited us today and, based on my daughter's "salesmanship", she is now thinking about ordering two pair for her grandchildren for Christmas.  My daughter is showing off her sticks to everyone she knows- which means she's as happy with them as I am.
Thanks, and keep up the good work!
                                                                                                                  -Linda Langley

Dear DSO Inc.,

I found your website design and layout very appealing to the eye of the consumer while searching to purchase devil sticks. You provided a thorough description of who your company is and what devil sticks are in your FAQ page and gave your customers a sense of cooperation in listening to their feedback through mail such as mine. I recently purchased a pair of zebra sticks from your company. They spin and handle unlike any other devil sticks I have used. I found your website attractive and reliable compared to competition such as Lunastix. I am looking forward to your trick page as well as any future products.

I bought some Devil Sticks sometime in the last few months as a gift for my partner this June.  The way I found out about you all was I just googled Devil Sticks.

Overall I think the product is excellent...though I haven't tried them yet, since I am giving it as a gift.  The sticks seem sturdy, and well put together.  They seems to be very evenly balanced, and I especially like the rubber coating on them.  It will surely help my skills.

I think your site is pretty good, I might want to see a little more detailed pictures of the products.  Though your descriptions were sufficient, I think people like to see pictures.
                                                                                                     You have a great product thanks!
                                                                                                              -Chris Vennard


You are great.  I am sorry it has taken so long for me to let you know...  I love my sticks.  You are awesome.  I have been working on this election, and today are the primaries...  I have some time to breathe...  What a wonderful stress relief...
                                                                                                    Take care, I will order more soon. 
                                                                                                             -Gilian Stover


I recently purchased a pair of ďPremium DesignĒ sticks in Dark Red, Red, Yellow and Orange.; the color combination reminded me of fire.  The sticks looked stunning online and when I pulled them out of the tube after delivery I was not disappointed, they are stunning.  I wonít pretend that I know anything about the process through which sticks are made, but as a consumer I can admire good craftsmanship, and I was impressed with the construction of my sticks.  It is plain to see the careful attention to detail that went into my sticks.  The taping, the tassels, the handles and the main stick are flawless.

I am a novice when it comes to sticking, I picked it up as a lark in college.  Back then I was thrilled to have mastered the helicopter, I could toss the main stick into the air and catch it and I could even spin the main stick around one of the handles; I was happy with my limited ability.  I didnít own my own sticks at the time, and when I left college I left my borrowed sticks behind.  Several years ago I stumbled across a store closing and found, much to my surprise, a pair of Lunastix, and over the years I have added new tricks to my repertoire.  The problem was that I was unable to move beyond my current set of tricks and my sticks were looking worn.  I began searching the internet for new sticks; I wanted something different, something that might open up a new realm of sticking to me, and I found your site. 

What I found immediately satisfying about my new sticks was the audible sound they made.  My flower sticks whispered, and it was a real thrill to actually hear the sticks.  I know it sounds silly, but I really like the added sensory layer.   I can now feel the sticks in my hand, see them twirl around at my touch and hear them as I pass the stick from one handle to the other.

I have also been able to add to my level of experience because the sticks are perfectly balanced.  At first I was surprised, and a little concerned, about the weight of my new sticks, but I found that, after getting a feel for them, the added weight is a bonus.  I have been able to use the extra weight to get my sticks to do things that I could never do with my lightweight flower sticks.  In addition, the middle tape marker on the main stick has been incredibly useful.   I think that half my problem with my other sticks was that I was hitting them off center and hence throwing them off; the middle marker has certainly improved my aim!  Add to all that the sticky tape and I am now adding the propeller and one handled sticking to my trick list.  My only problem now is getting out of the way of my sticks, I keep hitting my body!

I have been using my sticks almost daily and impressing most of my neighbors.   Several people have approached me and picked up my sticks to give them a whirl,  once they get hooked, I will certainly recommend your product to them.  I could not be more pleased with my purchase, thank you.

                                                                                                      -Kimberly Long
                                                                                                       Williamsville, NY



  Sure, you can try in vain to come up with reasons not to buy some sticks now, but wouldn't it be easier

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