What are the details of your 6 month replacement policy?

Some people tend to be harder on their sticks than others.  If your sticks undergo excessive wear from *normal sticking conditions, within six months of your purchase date, you can send them back to us for repair and/or replacement for a flat rate fee of $12.00.  Upon receiving your sticks, our staff will assess whether or not the sticks can be repaired, or if they should be replaced.  If they show extreme wear, we will send you a brand new pair.  This repair/replacement policy is at the sole discretion of our manufacturing staff; although, more often than not you will receive a brand new pair.

How long will it normally take for me to get my order?

Orders are usually shipped within two to three days of payment; however, it may take up to six business days (particularly during the holiday seasons).  Once shipped, customers in the continental United States should receive their packages in 2-4 days.   If your order is time sensitive (you need the sticks to arrive for a birthday present, holiday gift, etc.) you may place your order via telephone (757) 645-4266 or email orders@devilsticks.org directly and ask that your order be rushed.  We are flexible and always try to get orders out as soon as possible. A Rush Shipping option is usually available for orders placed over the website which will guarantee your sticks prompt arrival (exact time-frame shown during checkout).

How should I care for my sticks?

Avoid storing your sticks in very hot environments, such as the back of a car sitting out in the summer sun. If such conditions are unavoidable, store sticks in a way that the black rubber wrapped section of the sticks are not in contact with each other.   As with any rubber-based product, severe heat exposure may cause tape to stick together or melt. 

My sticks are getting dirty, how should I clean them?

Aside from the Zebra Sticks, all of our models are water-proof.  All exposed tape is covered with our special clear-coat finish.  This finish provides a watertight seal.  If your tassels or tape ends get dirty, scuffed, etc. use warm soapy water to lightly brush/rub/wash the dirt away and then rinse with clean water.  

What do I do if my sticks arrive damaged, or are defective in some way?

In the HIGHLY UNLIKELY event that your sticks should be damaged during shipping or defective in any way contact our support staff at support@devilsticks.org.   You will most likely be asked to ship the product back to us, at which time we will send you a new pair or if you desire, refund your money.

If you have any additional questions/concerned not addressed here, please
       or call us @ (757) 645 4266 and we will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.


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