We do not make juggling balls, pins, hacky sacks, or frisbees. 
We don't produce costumes, amateur magic trick kits, or any other circus-arts type performance equipment.

We are in the business of personally hand crafting, imaginatively creating, and constantly improving juggling sticks.  We (the entire staff) all love what we do.  After all, we don't just sell sticks, we sell fun. 

We've been crafting, manufacturing, and creating sticks for over ten years so we have no problem claiming our sticks are the best on the market.  We have countless  piles of customer feedback to back that claim and prove the quality of products.  Feel free to browse through some of the emails/letters we've received on our Feedback Page

We Make, Sell, Design, and Love Devil Sticks. 


All our sticks are hand-crafted by people who have been doing it for years. Every set is double checked before being shipped out to assure perfect quality control. We take pride in every one of our sticks, each constructed with a personal touch. Many things separate our sticks from the competition. One of these specifics is the flexibility of our main stick. More flexible than wood, his flexibility allows for many tricks outside the realm of other stick designs. Tosses and kick-flips take on a whole new dimension. Watch in awe as your normal stick-toss springs to life effortlessly. Many of our customers like to get together and toss their sticks back and forth to each other from distances up to 50 or even 100+ feet! With our materials any distance is possible. Turn sticking into a group activity!


Over the years customer feedback, sales numbers, and even surveys have been used to determine what color combinations people like best.   We have assembled our packages and designed our different styles after that feedback, always trying to meet what our customers want and need.   We offer five very different devil stick designs, one for any level of experience/expense.  From very basic and affordable to professional level juggling sticks, we honestly feel our designs are superior to all levels of the competition's products.   As our 6 month replacement policy guarantee suggests, we have full confidence in our stick quality and durability.


How many times have you come across a pair of devil sticks that have been used for only a short period of time and the tape is starting to unravel, or the tassels look like they are years old, instead of new? Our tassels are made from a material that is of extremely high quality and will not rip or tear under any normal sticking conditions. In addition, all of the exposed tape on all of our stick designs is coated with our special clear-coat finish. This finish allows for complete tape stability as well as a shine that will not fade with age. In short, your sticks look better for longer time period than anyone elseís.

  The Humble Beginning of the company:

Showing up hours before the show, two brothers found themselves walking around the vans, cars, and makeshift booths surrounding what was to be one of the last Grateful Dead concerts in the northeast.  Amidst the smoke-filled fields (tobacco smoke of course), mushroom seasoned mindsets, and tie-dyed frenzy, they came upon a man who, as if by magic, guided a spinning, floating stick in front of him.  Thinking they must have inhaled a little too much of the smoke around them, they approached the man to take a closer look.

As you probably guessed, the supposed dread-locked shaman was nothing more than a roadie who had mastered the art of devil sticking.

After purchasing a pair and perfecting their skills with the juggling sticks, both of the brothers worked together in their fatherís workshop to experiment with a couple different designs.  Before they knew it, they had exhausted an unbelievable number of prototypes of various sizes, shapes, and designs.  In their quest to craft the perfect set of sticks, the Signature Design sticks were born.  Using these home-made sticks around their small town, they found themselves experimenting with even more materials, tapes, and colors, customizing sticks for their friends, their friendsí friends, and before they knew what happened, local retailers.

Thus, in the basement of a humble home in northern New Jersey, nearly ten years ago  DevilSticks.Org was born.


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